The Legacy Society

The Legacy Society was created to recognize and say thank you to those individuals who have made the most personal and thoughtful gift of all—a commitment to the Healthcare Foundation through a will, trust agreement, prepaid life insurance policy, or other estate-plan vehicle.

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Legacy Society Members

Members as of 9/30/2021

Mr. James C. Alexander
Mrs. Beverly Arries
Patricia and Graham Barkhuff
M. Beverly and Robert G. Bartner
Elaine Baverman
Mr. and Mrs. Arne K. Berg
Harry and Harriet Bernbaum
Donald H. and Barbara K. Bernstein
Mr. Sidney Bernstein
Mrs. Robert W. Bingham
Francine Joyce Blum
Mrs. Elizabeth B. Booth
Mrs. Nina Bossert
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Bower, Sr.
Donald Britt
Carol and Les Brualdi
Mrs. William N. Brune
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Burgess, Jr.
Anne-Marie Cail, P.A.
Robert Cassidy
Mrs. Marion A. Chadduck
Douglas and Sharyn Chapman, Charitable Remainder Unitrust
William E. Chapman, II
Kevin J. and Helen V. Collins
Robert I. Collins
Alex and Cece Cooke
Carolyn Cooper
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Cornell
Thomas Coundit
Patti Ryan Cowan
Mrs. William O. Crittenden
Alida J. de Jongh
Joseph and Sharon Demmin
Mr. and Mrs. Richard O. Donegan
Lawrence P. and Carol M. English
Mrs. Richard A. Evans
Mildred R. Field
G. Duncan Finlay, M.D., and Michele Wolk, MSN
Anne and Cope Garrett
Dr. Arthur and Toby Geller

Marian Y. Goble
Leila Gompertz
George and Ruth Haines
Mrs. Janet M. Hamann
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hammer
Werner and Karen Hartenberger
Casiana and Barry Hilton
Allen and Stephanie Hochfelder
Verna M. Hoffman, Charitable Remainder Unitrust
Doug and Carolyn Ann Holder
Betty S. Holmes
Patricia N. Holmes
Mr. Richard S. Johnson
Harriet V. Josenhanss
Mr. and Mrs. Steven H. Judd
Dr. Sidney Katz
John J. Kestly
Dr. and Mrs. Glenn F. Kiplinger
Mrs. Carol Krug
Moses and Pat Lane
Cherie L. Leetzow
Mr. Melville R. Levi
Dr. and Mrs. Marvin L. Lewin
Harold L. Libby and Wanda Rayle-Libby
Kathryn and James Liddell
Dr. Charles and Mrs. Lisa Loewe
Carol K. Longley
Madge Lumb
Flora Major
Walt Mannini
Adrienne J. Matcham
Allen D. McGee and Paula Norwood
Thomas F. McGuire
Robert A. Meaney
Joan Armour Mendell
Eileen Skehen Michala
Heather G. Miller, Ph.D.
Lois Rose Miles, Gift Annuity Fund
Shirley Rae Miller, Pooled Income Fund

Susan F. Milman
Mrs. Hortense L. Mintzer
Joel and Gail Morganroth
Loretta Naylor
Mr. and Mrs. William O. Nicoll
Anna Mae Pasqua
Deborah Poff and Valarie Clark
Rose Marie Proietti
Florence and Saul Putterman
Beverly R. Ricciardi
Mrs. Mary Ann Robinson
Mrs. Sandra Rollings
Harold R. Ronson
Jan and Susan Rubes
Mr. Brent Rugh
Mary and Buddy Savary
Mary Seymour
Mr. Bud Shapiro and Ms. Betty Lenz
Mrs. Ellen M. Sickmeier
Mr. S. Richard Silbert
Karam and Donna Skaff
Bill and Judy Stanford
Robert L. Stuffings
James H. Swartz
Jim and Charlie Ann Syprett
Richard Tamargo and Lisa Mateas
Marcia Jean Taub
Elizabeth T. Templeton
James and Susan Tollerton
Rebecca and Bill Tompkins
Mr. Thomas H. Towler, Gift Annuity Fund
Mrs. Judy White
George M. Williams
Susan and Charles Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Larry K. Winegar
Edie Winston
Margaret Wise
Marilyn Wolff, Charitable Remainder Unitrust
Mrs. Stanley M. Woodhead

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